Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Making Money from Banners with Blogger

One of the very nice aspects of Blogger is that you can add banner advertising to your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). Placing a few banners on your blog will allow you to make money and encourage you to stay committed to your blog as well.

There is no cost involved in adding banners to Blogger - it is 100% FREE.

It is pretty simple to add affiliate banners and Google Adsense to Blogger. Anyone who knows how to copy and paste can add a few banners in no time. For help on adding banners to Blogger please refer to my article entitled Easy Way to Put Banners on Blogger (Blogspot) Blog

If you are yet to create a Blogger account refer to this tutorial for some helpful hints on creating a free Blogger Blogspot blog and to this article on how to set up and configure Blogger. These articles will have you up and running with Blogger in no time.

How Do I Make Money by Adding Banners to My Blog?
When a visitor clicks on a banner on your blog you will make money. If the banner is a pay per click banner such as Google Adsense and Chitika you will make money for every click. You can even have both Chitika and Google Adsense on the same page as Chitika ads are non-contextual. If you use Chitika as well that will 2 ways to make money instead of just one.

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When a visitor clicks on an affiliate banner such as the banner below and makes a purchase you earn a commission or a percentage of the sale. Some merchants pay you for referrals so if the visitor signs up you make money. This is known as affiliate marketing and it is a very common way to make money with Blogger other than using pay per click programs like Google Adsense.

Getting Started

In this article I have explored how you might start making money with blogging using banner advertising and a Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). You will earn money by placing pay per click ad units like Google Adsense and Chitika on your blog which pay for every click. You will also earn extra money by adding affiliate marketing banners from the likes of Linkshare. You can even increase the ways to make money by having both Chitika and Google Adsense ad units together with affiliate marketing banners. Begin today by creating your free blogger account or if you already have one why not follow this helpful guide on the basics of adding Google Adsense to a Blogger Blogspot blog.

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