Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Earn Money from Blogger Join Linkworth Affiliate Program

Want to make money online with your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog)? Earn money with Linkworth. Linkworth is one Affiliate Program that Blogspot Bloggers need to take a good look at if they are serious about making money from their blog. Given that most bloggers are also readers of blogs virtually every reader who arrives on your blog is a possible referral prospect. Therefore having a Linkworth affiliate banner or two on your blog makes sound marketing sense and is an easy way to earn extra money.

Why Would a Blogger Want to Sign Up for Linkworth?
Linkworth is a large, established and reputable advertising network. Linkworth offers Blogspot bloggers who become a partner a variety of income earning opportunities to monetize their blogs. Multiple advertising programs offerred by Linkworth include: Text Link Ads, Linkpost, Linkmura, Linkintxt, LinkWords, LinkBB, Linkpack.

Linkworth offer a variety of ways to monetize your Blogger blogspot blog
One of the bonuses of Linkworth is that it can be used in conjunction with Google Adsense provided no contextual advertising which is not allowed by Google is used. This makes Linkworth an extremely attractive advertising option for Blogspot bloggers and therefore a good reason to promote the affiliate program. Linkworth is suitable for the newbie blogger too as it is easy to get approval even when a blog has a low Google page rank and is receiving minimal traffic. Make sure you have at least 12 posts before you apply or your application may get declined.

My Favorite Ways to Make Money Online with Linkworth
All the programs offerred by Linkworth are good but my two favorite ways to make money online with Linkworth are:

Affiliate Banner
With LinkPost you can earn money by writing sponsored posts. Depending on the Google Pagerank of your blog you can receive up to $50 per review. The process is easy but competitive. Basically you submit your blog to the advertising marketplace and sponsors and advertisers pay you money for your review.

With LinkWords keywords in your blog are underlined and if clicked on by a reader you earn money - either 50% or 70% for every ad clicked on depending on what scheme you have opted for. Some niches lend themselves better to text ad advertising and therefore generate more income per click than others. You will need to experiment to find out if LinkWords is worthwhile way for you to earn money from your blog.

Benefits of the Linkworth Affiliate Referral Program
Linkworth's referral program is generous and a good way to earn money. You get $50 for just signing up either as a publisher or with a combo account. That $50 is paid out to you once you earn $100 or more in total.

For every new referral sent through your affiliate link you earn a flat commission of $50. The $50 is held as a pending payment until the referee has spent or earned a minimum of $100.

Another sweetner for joining the Linkworth referral program is that you will receive 5% of the earnings for all referrals you make for the life of their account. Pretty good way to earn money huh?

Linkworth claim that most account holders spend/earn well into the thousands. While I am skeptical of this statement Linkworth does offer a chance to make money by actively promoting its affiliate referral program.

You can earn money online if you know how. The Linkworth Affiliate Program offers good rewards for pasting a banner or two on your blog. From there on in it depends on the activity of your referees as to how much money you will actually make but there is scope for reasonable earning particularly if you supplement this with LinkPosts and LinkWords. Why not act now and start earning extra money from Linkworth right away. Sign up with Linkworth Affiliate Program or become a partner or both today.

Affiliate Banner

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