Thursday, July 30, 2009

Make Money with Blogger and Affiliate Programs

Today's article focuses on a how to make money from a Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) by earning referral fees from Affiliate Referral Programs.

If you read any website about affiliate marketing you will see a consistent thread - readers ask how can I make money from affiliate programs? Well I suspect if you are reading this article you too are hoping to get a earn money for all the effort you put into your blog. That's why I have put together a handy list of affiliate programs plus a quick summary of the benefits and referral fees paid so that you can start to earn money fast. If you choose to put affiliate banners from these advertisers on your Blogger blog you will kick start your blog's ability to earn extra money.

Even if you are not advertising with anyone other than Google Adsense you can still take advantage of the referral programs offerred by many advertising programs such as Chitika, WidgetBucks and Linkworth.

Remember that these advertisers want new sign ups and so are keen for you to put their advertising banners on your Blogger blog. When visitors to your blog click on these banners and join these programs you earn a percentage of the member's earnings for up to 2 years in some cases. This is a very common method of making extra money blogging with very little effort on your part.

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Popular Affiliate Referral Programs

  • LinkShare - Earn $1.50 for every referrer you sign up who generates a click thru in 30 days
    Join the LinkShare Referral Program for free!

  • Linkworth - Earn $50 for just signing up plus a flat commission of $50 for every referral and 5% of their earnings for the life of their account.
    Sign up with Linkworth

  • Chitika - Earn 10% of what your referrals earn for 15 months following each referral’s approval date.
    Sign up with Chitika

  • Text Link Ads - Earn 10% of all revenue earned by publishers for a full two years after the publisher joins
    Sign Up to Text Link Ads

  • WidgetBucks - Earn 15% of all revenue affiliates earn for a full 12 months after the new member joins.
    Sign Up with WidgetBucks

    Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

  • Adbrite - Earn 50% of member profits for the first 3 months then 10% of member profits for the next 9 months. Applies to all buying and selling activity referred by your blog

Once you have signed up with an affiliate program which pays you referral fees you can start to earn cash by placing the affiliate banner on your Blogger blog. For help to add your banners to Blogger please refer to my article Easy Way to Put Banners on Blogger

Affiliate Banner

It's easy to make money from blogging by joining affiliate referral programs. With Affiliate Referral Programs you earn money in referral fees by placing advertising banners on your blog. You get paid for new sign ups (publishers, advertisers and affiliates). Usually you earn a percentage of the member earnings for the next 12 months to 2 years. It only takes a few minutes to sign up to these affiliate programs and once approved its easy to place the banners on your Blogger blog. Remember you get paid for every sign up. Good luck.

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