Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Remove Blogger Labels Counter on a Blogspot Blog

Until recently the only way to turn off, disable or remove the counter of the labels widget in Blogger was to use a Blogger hack. Luckily Blogger has now added a new feature so that Blogger webpublishers have a choice about whether to show or not show a post count next to the corresponding tag when using the Blogger labels widget.

How Do I Turn Off - Remove the Blogger Labels Counter?
If you already have a Blogger labels widget installed then Blogger shows a count of the number of posts with that label or tag next to each label by default. If you want to turn off the label counter you will need to disable it.

Removing the Blogger labels counter is easy and only takes a minute. Switching off the labels counter can be useful sometimes for instance when establishing a new blog where a limited number of posts may deter visitors.

Conversely you may find that your Blogger label counter has been disabled and you want to reinstate it. In this case you would navigate to Blogger and follow these steps except that you would reverse Step 4.

Blogger labels gadget showing the number of posts enabled Blogger labels gadget showing the counter of the number of posts disabled

  1. Log in to Blogger
  2. At the Dashboard go to Layout > Page Elements
  3. In the Blogger sidebar click on your labels gadget
  4. Uncheck the box marked Show Number of Posts Per Label
  5. Click on Save
  6. View your Blogger blog without the number of posts shown next to the labels tag

Turn Off Labels Counter in Blogger

Today you have learned how to turn off the Blogger (Blogspot) labels counter so that no count of the number of posts is shown next to the label. Disabling this feature only takes a minute and can be a useful feature for new blogs with few posts. If you are new to Blogger and blogging you can learn more useful tricks and tips for customizing your blog at Blogspot Blogger Guide. Watch out for more Blogger tutorials in this beginner basics series.

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