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Get More Adsense Clicks on a Blogger Blogspot Blog

Today I am going to talk about how to get more Google Adsense clicks on your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). These are simple and straightforward Blogger tips and Google Adsense tips that will increase your Adsense CTR and thereby help you make extra money from your blog. I will show you how you can make money from Google Adsense just by streamlining your Adsense ads and increasing your Adsense clicks.

If you are just starting out with your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) you may be under the impression that all you need do is stick a bunch of Google Adsense ads on your blog and you will instantly make money from Google Adsense clicks. Unfortunately there is much more to making money from Adsense. First of all you need traffic and secondly for best results you will need to optimize your Google Adsense ad units on your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). By optimizing your blog's ads you will increase the Adsense click through rate or Adsense CTR as it is called. And more Adsense clicks means you will earn extra money from Blogger.

Tips to Increase Your Google Adsense CTR on a Blogger Blogspot Blog
Rather than using the Blogger Google Adsense default widgets to place Google Adsense on your blog I would recommend that you create you own Google Adsense ad unit at Google Adsense. That way you can track the success of each individual Google Adsense ad unit you place on your blog by using channels. This will help you pinpoint the Adsense ads that earn money and those that don't.

1. Use the wider Google Adsense ads such as 336x280, 300x250 or 250x250 as these are known to be the best performing ads and will consistency earn money

2. For the highest possible CTR select Google Adsense ad units that display both image and text in the one ad unit.

3. Adjust the Google Adsense ad units fonts to blend with your blog so that the ad unit is integrated rather than looking like an ad. Google Adsense allows the choice of 3 different fonts - Arial, Times Roman and Verdana, or you can go with the standard Adsense font family setting. If you are not sure what font family your blog is using you can check this in the top section of your Blogger template.

4. Match the colors of your Google Adsense ad unit to blend with the pages of your blog. The effect of matching your blogs color scheme will be that the ad units are integrated into your blog and this may encourage readers to click on the links contained in the ads.

If you are concerned about ad blindness you can choose contrasting colors to make your ad stand out. Readers are used to ads and may not even see them at all so presenting ad units in complimentary colors may help your click through rate. Some experimentation on your part will be needed to get the right look and the money earning results for your blog.

5. Rotate your Google Adsense ads regularly as this will reduce the effect of ad blindness or banner blindness as it is sometimes called and help you make cash

6. Know what your blog's keywords are and use them in your content. For instance make money, earn money, making money, making money online are examples of important keywords and phrases for this article. Check out keywords relevant to your Blogger blog at Google Adwords

7. Ensure your Blogger posts are keyword rich so that Adsense has a good basis of Google keywords to draw from. Use this free tool to check your keyword density ratio.

8. The more visible your ad unit the better. By placing your Google Adsense ad unit above the fold, that is the part of your blog that the visitor sees without having to scroll down, the more likely your ad unit will be to make an impact.

9. Placing a Google ads at the bottom of your Blogger posts is a good money making idea I have found. After reading your post your visitor will be wondering where to next so displaying a Google Adsense ad in this location will encourage Adsense clicks by them.

10. A Google Adsense linked ad unit such as a 728x15 can be an effective way to make money from Google Adsense when placed near a navigation menu especially when your ad unit is very closely related to your content.

In this Adsense tutorial I have explored 10 ways to increase the Adsense CTR (click through rate) of Google Adsense ads that you place on your Blogger blog. If you follow these Adsense tips you are likely to increase the number of Adsense clicks and in turn earn higher Adsense revenue from your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). If you have time please let me know about your increases in Adsense revenue and Adsense clicks with these simple Adsense tips.

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