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Get a Free Blogspot Blog at

It's easy to blog at And its absolutely free. This beginner's guide to creating a Blogspot blog at will get you blogging right away. We show you how to take advantage of this powerful blogging platform which is owned by Google. Don't spend you valuable hours wading through loads of random articles when you can find all the information you need right here in one place. Blogspot Blogger Guide walks you through the process of creating a blog, configuring it, and laying the foundations of a profitable and successful blog. Learn about gadgets, layout, templates, search engine optimisation and more. Sign up to and start enjoying the world of blogging confident in the knowledge that we are here to help.

Main Features of Blogspot Blogging at Blog

Simple user-friendly interface
Easy to post photos, text and videos
Use a blogspot subdomain or your own domain name
No restrictions on bandwidth
Unlimited video storage using YouTube
Photo storage using Picasa Web Album (1 GB)
Support for Mobile blogging

Getting a blog with Blogspot at is a 3 step process:
1. Create an Account
2. Name Your Blog
3. Choose a Template

Create an Account at
Anyone can sign up for a free account at Once you have created an account you will be free to create as many blogs as you wish using the one account name. You will be prompted for a name which you will use to sign all of your blog posts. This name is given to the author of your blog which is you. This will be visible to all visitors to your site so think about what name you like to be known by. I use The Wizz for all my sites you can use whatever you like. You can change it later if you need to. Main Page
If you already have a Google Account
You can use your existing Google Account to login if you have one. For instance an email address at This allows you to switch between various other Google services such as Google Webmaster Tools and Picasa Web Albums. Don't worry if you don't know what these services are as you will learn more about them in a later tutorial.

If you are not already at simply direct your browser to the main page of and click on Sign In from the main page.

If you don't already have a Google Account
If you don't have a Google Account at you will need to create one. Simply direct your browser to if you are not already there, and click on Sign in from the main page.

Follow the Create a Google Account Link
Click the Create an Account link at the bottom of the sign in page and follow the online instructions. This is an easy and relatively straightforward process.

Create a Google Account
Creating Your Blogspot Blog at
Once you have a Google account and have signed in you can create your blog. Follow the steps below to get blogging with Blogspot.

1. Click on the Create a Blog button. You will be directed to the area known as the Dashboard. You will see in the top righthand corner the following options: Dashboard, My Account, Help, Sign Out. Note these for future reference.

2. Check availability of your desired name eg by entering it into the box provided and clicking on Check Availability link. If it is available will confirm this. Otherwise you will have to come up with an alternative. With so many blogs now some of your desired names may be already allocated but if you persevere you will find something that closely matches the title you are after.

Naming Your Blog - Choosing a Title
  • Naming your blog requires some thought as this is the URL address visitors will use to access your site.
  • Long names are difficult to remember and are therefore best avoided.
  • Choose a name that is short, memorable and is associated with your blog theme.
  • Try to choose a name (title) that has at least one of your keywords in it. For instance I chose Blogspot Blogger Guide because it described the purpose of my site and also covered two critical keywords: Blogspot and Blogger.
3. When has confirmed your site name (blog address) go back to the top and fill in your blog title. This will appear on your header once your blog is created so include spacing and title case for clarity for example Blogspot Blogger Guide is what I entered here as the URL for this site is

3. Assuming you are going to use the default Blogger domain ( than your own domain name ( click on the Continue button. Before you do this step make certain first that the exact title you want has been entered and you have spelt it correctly.

4. Choose a Template. You will be prompted to select a template from a variety of choices. It is not critical which you choose here as you can change it later if need to. The template for this blog is based on the Rounders template.

Choose a default template
5. Finally you will receive Your Blog Has Been Created screen.

Blogspot Blog Created at

Click on the Start Blogging button and you will be taken to the Posting > Create a New Post screen. It is advisable to set a few settings on your blog before beginning your posts. These will be discussed in my next article: Set Up a Blogspot Blog at

Create New Post Screen

This tutorial discussed how to create a Blogspot blog at including creating a Google Account, naming your Blogspot blog and choosing a template.

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