Monday, October 5, 2009

Put a Twitter Button Icon on Blogger

Would you like your blog visitors to be able to follow you on Twitter? It's easy when you put a Twitter button on your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog). Let me show you how.

Just follow the instructions below to add a Twitter button to Blogger to encourage your readers to follow your Twitter tweets. This is an easy way to attract new traffic to your blog and it only takes a few minutes.

This Blogger tutorial is easy and doesn't involve changing your Blogger template.

How to Put a Twitter Icon on Blogger (Blogspot)
There are lots of Twitter icons to choose from. Below are several to get you started. Remember you can change this Twitter icon or button for another if you find a better one simply by changing the URL address of the image.

  1. Log in to Blogger
  2. At the Dashboard go to Layout > Page Elements
  3. Click Add a Gadget in the sidebar or where ever you want to place your Twitter icon
  4. Choose the HTML/Javascript gadget
  5. Copy and paste the following HTML code for the icon into the content box

    <a href=""><img width="150" src="" height="124" title="Follow Me on Twitter"/></a><br/>

    <a href=""><img width="175" src="" height="81" title="Follow Me on Twitter"/></a><br/>

    <a href=""><img width="152" src="" height="68" title="Follow Me on Twitter"/></a><br/>

  6. Change Your-Twitter-Username for your own Twitter username
  7. Click Save
  8. View your blog to see the Twitter icon in your Blogger sidebar

Today you have learned how to add a Twitter button to your Blogger blog. If you follow the instructions above you will have your Twitter button or badge up and running in no time. Want another button design check out more free Twitter buttons.

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  2. Those 'Follow Me' buttons are so cute! Thanks for sharing! *hugs*

  3. Nice! Putting an icon or banner is really easy to do in Blogspot. I was actually looking around for nice graphics for Twitter backgrounds when I found this post.

    Now that you mentioned it, I should also go on to search for cute icons as well. I'll put one on my blog so that so people can also see how beautiful my Twitter background is.

  4. So adorable -- love them!!!! Thanks so much.

  5. Thanks, this really helped me


  6. Worked like a charm - very easy and simple. Thank you.