Friday, May 7, 2010

Change Color of Blogger Navbar

This article shows you how to change the color of the Blogger Navbar so that it matches the color scheme of your Blogger blog. The Navbar in Blogger is the blue colored link bar that appears by default at the top of Blogger blogs. Changing the color of the Blogger Navbar takes less than a minute and is an easy trick that requires no change to the Blogger code.

One of the most frequent complaints about the Blogger platform is from webmasters who want to change the Blogger navbar. Most people want to get rid of it altogether but before you do remember that the navbar has a lot of uses and all that might be required is to change its color so that it is coordinated with the other colors of your blog. Please refer to my Blogger tutorial about How to Delete the Blogger Navbar if you want to remove it completely.

Currently Blogger offer the choice of 6 different Blogger Navbar colors: blue, tan, black, silver, transparent light and transparent dark. Transparent light and transparent dark are the most recent additions and it is likely that Blogger may continue to offer more color options for the Navbar as time goes on.

Steps To Change the Color of the Blogger Navbar

  1. Login to Blogger and select the blog you wish to change

  2. From the Blogger Dashboard go to Layout >> Page Elements

  3. Click the edit button which appears on the right side of the Navbar. The Navbar is the blue strip labelled Navbar which is located directly under the Add and Arrange Page Elements heading.

    Edit Blogger Navbar
  4. Select the color of your choice by clicking on the radio button on the left side of each color in the pop up Navbar Configuration window that appears

  5. Once you have made your selection click on the Save Button to save your changes

  6. Click View Blog to see the effects of changing the color of the Blogger Navbar to match the design and style of your blog

Today I have shown you how to change the color of the Navbar of your Blogger blog (Blogspot blog) so that it matches the color and design of your blog.

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